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Mini hydroelectric power plant on the Vlasina put in operation

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A mini hydroelectric power plant of 650 kW, which cost RSD 1.6m, was put in operation today (April 28, 2010) on the Vlasina river in the municipality of Crna Trava.

The hydroelectric power plant is situated in the vicinity of Tegošnica village, and it was built by Belgrade-based Eco Energo Group whose co-owner and CEO is Vera Ristić.

That is the first mini hydroelectric power plant built in the south of Serbia in last 60 years.

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Ristić announced construction of another five similar power plants on the Vlasina, as well as one on each of the rivers in Crna Trava, one in the municipality of Kuršumlija and one in Despotovac.

The Minister of Energy of Serbia, Petar Škundrić, put the hydroelectric power plant in operation.

The opening ceremony was attended by the representatives of the Electric Power Company of Serbia and the authorities from Crna Trava, Vlasotinac and Leskovac, as well as Branko Ružić, a member and a representative of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS).

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