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Wind generators in Krčedin prior to 2011 at the latest – EUR 34m invested in wind farm in Inđija

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The wind farm at 100 ha in Krčedin, worth EUR 34m, will start producing electricity at the end of this or at the beginning of year 2011 – Veljko Janković, CEO of Vetropark Inđija (Wind Farm Inđija), announced for eKapija.

The wind farm in the municipality of Inđija should include 10 wind generators of total power of 20 MW. The wind generators, made by Vestas, are 150 meters high. The project in Krčedin is managed by Vetropark Inđija, while the investor is Austrian company Kelag.

– Public insight into draft detailed regulatory plan for this wind farm is underway, as well as changing of purpose of the land from agricultural into building land – says Veljko Janković who is the creator and coordinator of the project.

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He says that the construction of access roads is planned to start in September, while the construction of foundations for the wind farm will start as soon as the building permits are issued, that is, in October, November or in early 2011 at the latest.

– It is very important to us that the Regulation on the purchase price of electricity has finally been adopted – Janković points out.

He says that total quantity of the electricity produced at this farm will be distributed through Elektromreže Srbije.

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We have measured the average wind velocity. The first measuring was done in the period 2006-2007, with the pole 30 meters high, while the measuring that was started last year and should be finished in August 2010 is being done with the pole 60 meters high – says Janković.

Stimulus tariffs for wind farms

According to the European Union’s directives, the countries members are obliged to provide 20% of electric energy from the renewable sources prior to 2020. The Government of Serbia passed the Regulation last year to stimulate such production of electricity. The Regulation on stimulation of production of electricity from renewable energy sources should contribute to the growth of such production by 7.4% in 2012, that is, 735m KWh more than in 2007.

The Regulation defines the guaranteed purchase prices (so-called feed-in tariffs, stimulus tariffs) for all electricity produced in small hydroelectric power plants and the plants powered by biomass, solar energy, wind and biogas in the period of 12 years from the commencement of production. The highest guaranteed price is stipulated for the electricity produced in solar power plants and it amounts to EUR 0.23 per kWh, while the guaranteed price for the electricity produced at wind farms is EUR 0.095.

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