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MINEL Kotlogradnja Ltd

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MINEL Kotlogradnja Ltd.  is Enterprise  for the Manufacture of termo-energetic units and is one of the leading Manufacturer in  the Country. Manufacturer capacities are located in Belgrade, Street Uralska 3. MINEL Kotlogradnja is equipted with machines for production of termo-energetic systems. Most-recent number of employees is 363. If there is the need for external labour force we employ additional workers.               

MINEL Kotlogradnja, following the new technologies in cooperation with Scientific Institute of mechanical engineering, Institute in Vinča, Mining Institute and permanent contacts with reputable manufacturers of the world thermoenergetic equipment, promotes reached quality, plant  reliability, good management and long exploitation life of the unit manufactured. Large number of erected facilities in the Country and abroad  represent a serious guarantee, that complex demands concerning the erection of new plants and plant revitalization in exploatation, as well,  should be delegated to MINEL  Kotlogradnja, i.e. the Company, that is cpecialized in projecting, manufacture, erection and thermoenergetic and process equipment putting into operation.

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Manufacturing Programme consists of: the two-draight packaged boilers, the three- draight packaged boilers Type MK, Industrial boilers Type A, Industrial boilers Type VP, Industrial boilers Type VU,  Industrial special boilers Type TE, Boilers for the coal dust firing, Standing aerated  tube boilers, MINEL Kotlogradnja’s Fans, Special fan constructions, The mills of family N and S, Beveled mechanical grate, Flat unstable grate, unstable moisture slag remover, band moisture slag remover, vessels and stacks and smoke gasses cleaners. We emphasize mills capacity of 200 tons of the milled coal per hour that are being delivered to TENT- Obrenovac and up to-date represent the biggest mill in the world.

The local well- known users of Minel Kotlogradnja’s services are thermal power stations: Obrenovac, Kostolac, Ugljevik, Gacko, Pljevlja, Obilic and others. The users of services of Minel Kotlogradnja from the abroad are: Polytechnik- Austria, INOVA-Germany, Transelektro- Austria.

For the detailed informations you could visit our web site: or you could directly  contact us on following phone numbers: 381 11 2783 444, 381 11 2781 597.

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