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Production consultancy German based Technologie Management Gruppe TMG completed the project on strategic development and orientation of a Serbian metal industry producer Minel Kotlogradnja who is a leading metal & energy producer in the region of SEE.

TMG StuttgartIndustrial Management Consultant is an internationally known and one of the leading production consultancy in Germany, realizing projects for German and international production companies from the automobile industry and from the field of machine and plant construction for over 20years.

From construction of the facilities to complete organization of production with cost effect results, portfolio of management consultancy services that covers the entire operative value – added chain, from innovation through the service. Some of the TMG referential clients are Daimler, Pirelli, Stihl, VW, Bosch, Siemens, Valeo, KTM, Hitachi, Schenck, ThyssenKrupp and others.

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With highly experienced experts, industrial engineering consultants, and several international offices TMG successfully manages to cover all emerging markets on all continents.

Serbia as one of the Europe major emerging market, especially in the field of metal industry and energy, attracts the interest of major sector companies from Europe. Minel Kotlogradnja as major Serbian metal sector producer is on the path of regaining its strong positions in the region of Balkans with clear and strong dedication to WE market. Minels major shareholder Rudnap Group is a strong supporting asset to Minels development strategy and future entrance to more profitable market of WE.

Within the context of  high energy demand in Serbia and in general in all Europe, Minel Kotlogradnja surely posses strong starting positions in gaining respectable market share, specially after the successfully first phased completed cooperation with TMG. The joint cooperation project on strategic development and orientation of Minel Kotlogradnja, done by TMG, covers insight and analysis of present and future markets & possible market share, production organization and tools for improvement of effectiveness.

Development strategy produced by TMG, as unique approach so far in Serbia, will surely assist MK management in identifying their priorities on the path of its future strategic development.

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We truly hope that modern cost effective production consultancy will become standard in Serbia as crucial for its economical development and its strategic orientation to EU membership.

For more information on TMG Industrial Management Consultant activities in Serbia and region please contact TMG Serbia representative Mr.Vladimir Markovic.

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