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Municipality of Cacak

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The Municipality of Čačak is located in the middle of central Serbia, in Moravički Region, between the municipalities of Gornji Milanovac in the north, and Lučani in the southwest. The city of Cacak is located 144 km south from Belgrade on the crossroad of roads to Pristina, Skoplje, Podgorica and Sarajevo.

The inhabitants of Cacak, who created the spirit of this town and made it particular and recognizable, are, along with its location in the heart of Serbia, the biggest value of Čacak. Works of their hands, witty mind and entrepreneur’s spirit left the permanent mark in this region. Industrious, skillful, apt and educated inhabitants of this region contributed to development of the Municipality of Čacak, which is ranked among the economically and culturally most developed municipalities in this part of Serbia

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