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Municipality of Vranje

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Vranje is an economic, administrative, health, educational and cultural centre of the Pcinja District. The town is located on the crossroad of the communication directions (corridor 10), which represent traffic arteries of tremendous international importance. The highway and the railway Budapest-Belgrade-Skopje-Athens pass three kilometers away, and they connect Serbia with Macedonia, as well as middle Europe with the Balkans. Vranje covers the space of 860km2 and is one of the largest in Serbia, population – 87.288 inhabitants.

Municipality of Vranje has been conducting very seriously a lot of different activities with the primary objective to enhance economic development through investments in infrastructure (Water supply system dam, investment 70 million dollars worth; METERIS – the first ecological dumpsite in Serbia, I phase, funded by the municipality, completed in 2002, planned II phase construction of the Recycling facility; improvement of electrical capacities – TC 110/35kv, improvemnet of the infrastructure relevant to SME etc), support for business initiatives, participation in various development programs (EAR, UNDP MIRI, MIR II, EXCHANGE, USAID-DAI-SLRGP, USAID-MEGA, USAID-CHF, UN-ILO, HELP, EUROPEAN PROSPECTIVE, OSCE, UNHCR…..)

Providing better and faster services to citizens, investors and others is one of the local government’s main objectives.

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The most important advantages of the Vranje municipality:

Geographic position
Natural resources
Human resources
Industrial tradition
Rich cultural and historical heritage


Local economic development office

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