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Municipality of Loznica

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Investment potentials in The Municipality of Loznica

Our mission

o To become the business center of Western Serbia
o To develop our industrial and tourism potentials
o To attract and employ talented young people
o To use clean, environmentally friendly technologies and to create a positive future for Loznica

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Why invest in Loznica?

– Business-friendly administration
– Local economic development office
– Excellent location
– Euroregion Rich natural resources
– Industrial zone
– Skilled labor
– Incentives for investors

Potetials for industry development

Industry and business potentials in industrial zone 85 ha Sepak and business residential zone “Lagator”, area 20ha.

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Potentials for tourism development

Koviljaca Spa
Estimated health tourism arrivals in the region grew 95% since 2000.One of the largest and most well-known spas in the region, kovoljaca spa has strong potentials in leisure, health and wellness tourism, especially after recent renovation. It includes rehabilitation hospital.

Overnights stays: domestic 106,694, foreign 26 039
Possibility of building new hotels
Possibility of construction of new swimming pools
Possibility of investment into mountain tourism in nearby Mt.Gucevo
Localities suitable for construction:

0,83 ha initial price 22,536,000 din (33€/m2)

Loznica Serbia – Great opportunities for Greenfield and Brownfield investments

Ethno village Trsic Loznica

80.000-100.000 adults and children visits per year.

There is plan of detailed development of ethno village which allows for construction of a hotel and motel in Trsic itself. At the moment there are no sufficient tourist facilities, although there is major interest for visit. Every school in Serbia at least once organize excursion to Trsic Village has excellent geographic position, astonishing countryside, folk arts and crafts.
Trsic is one of the priority in Action plan for LED. Plan of detail regulation of this etnovillage give permission for building of hotels and motels but if you want to invest you must buy land from private owner.

Contact for investors:
Municipality of Loznica
Local economic development office
Ljiljana Nikolic

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