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New law on legal profession in accordance with European standards-Serbian Min

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Minister of Justice Snezana Malovic expressed the expectation that the Serbian parliament will adopt at the current session the new Bill on legal profession that will allow for this profession to be regulated on new, modern bases and in accordance with European standards.

Malovic said at a round table devoted to the bill and European standards in the process of judicial reform in Serbia, that legal profession has an important place and that it is essential to organise this area in the best way possible so that it could be regulated in line with principles of a democratic state system and generally accepted international standards.

She underlined that the Serbian Bar Association took part in the preparation of the Bill on legal profession in cooperation with local bar associations, without representatives of the executive power.

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The bill was positively evaluated recently by the Council of the European Bar Association, Malovic recalled and underlined that this law meets the highest standards of independence and self-regulation.

President of the Serbian Bar Association Dragoljub Djordjevic highlighted that being independent, autonomous and self-regulatory is the most important for legal profession.

The experts of the Council of the European Bar Association, who participated in the roundtable, said in a report on the bill that this act has achieved a good balance between the state and rules of independence, autonomy and self-regulation, which is the basic guarantee of independence and autonomy of lawyering.

Source Serbian Government.

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