Number of trucks between Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania increased by 13%

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From January 1st to the end of May, thanks to the Open Balkans initiative, the number of trucks traveling between Serbia, Albania and Northern Macedonia increased by 13%, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Branislav Nedimovic said in Ohrid.

He said that in the last five months, since the implementation of the Open Balkans initiative began, 6,400 trucks from Serbia went to Northern Macedonia and Albania, or arrived in Serbia from there.

– This shows that the Open Balkans initiative is already yielding results – said Nedimović.

He stated that out of those five months, two months, the export of certain food products was not allowed, and he estimated that the results would have been better if it had not been for that.

The summit of the Open Balkans initiative, launched by Serbia, Northern Macedonia and Albania, is being held in Ohrid today, Danas reports.