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PayPal in Serbia, probably in 2011

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Starting next year, the citizens of Serbia should be able to make payments via online safe payment system PayPal, Serbian Minister of Telecommunications Jasna Matic announced.

– We are constantly communicating with them and PayPal claims that it is going to enter our market, but that is just not happening yet. We now have some relatively firm promises that Serbia will next year become one of the countries where PayPal can be used. However, that does not depend on us, but on the company itself and its business policy – Ms. Matic said in an interview for web portal

When asked why PayPal hesitated so much about the arrival in Serbia, Ms. Matic said that the market of Serbia was not big, the purchasing power was relatively small, while an entrance to the market required investments. According to her words, PayPal will offer the citizens a reliable and safe system of payment, while companies will be enabled to start exporting their goods.

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As she added, in order for that mechanism to function well, it is necessary for the customs system to be efficient, while the costs of customs clearing, freight forwarding and transport should be low, which is not the case in Serbia.

– The Ministry of Telecommunications has formed a task force to identify all these obstacles and we have also invited members of all relevant institutions – ministries of finance, trade and economy, and the National Bank of Serbia, in order to try to improve e-trading – she said.

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