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Full-profile highway on bypass around Belgrade until 2013

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Construction of a full-profile highway on the bypass around Belgrade will be finished until 2013, Putevi Srbije Director General Zoran Drobnjak told Tanjug on December 12.

– The bypass around the capital city, part of road Corridor 10, must be finished to relieve traffic in Belgrade because up to 180,000 passenger and freight cars cross Gazela bridge every day – Drobnjak pointed out.

He said that the bypass was the most important infrastructure project for Belgrade and the most significant part of Corridor 10.

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– The works can be finished in two years and we can get a full-profile highway by 2013. We are talking about some 67 kilometers of road – said Drobnjak and added that maximum 35% of works were left to be done.

Upon the completion of works, the bypass should have four lanes 3.75 meters wide, two lay-bys 2.5 meters wide, and a four-meter median.

That road consists of three sections – Batajnica-Dobanovci 9.7 km long, Dobanovci-Bubanj Potok 37.3 km long, and Bubanj Potok-Pancevo about 22 km long.

All sections of the bypass that have been built so far are only a half-profile highway, that is, semi-highway, while tunnels are built in full profile.

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The section that has been built to date is Dobanovci – Surcin – bridge on the Sava – Ostruznica – Orlovaca, while the section from Orlovaca to Avala Road has been partially finished.

The section of the bypass from Ostruznica to Ibarska main route is open for traffic since late 2008. Since then, asphalt on the section between Orlovaca and Bubanj Potok has been replaced and the reconstructed tunnel Stara Strazevica has been opened for traffic.

The European Investment Bank will grant a loan of 40 million euros for continuation of the construction of Orlovaca-Avala section, while a loan of 60 million euros has been taken out from that bank for Dobanovci-Batajnica section.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development finances reconstruction of Bubanj Potok-Surcin section with 25 million euros, while 55 million euros have been provided for the section from Batajnica to Dobanovci.

Works on construction of the bypass commenced in the late 1990’s.


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