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Regulations on energy efficiency of buildings in early 2011

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The Regulations on energy efficiency of buildings, stipulating that each facility must have a so-called energy efficiency passport, should be adopted in early January 2011, the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning announced.

– That document is finished and its application will start in the first quarter of 2011 – Jasminka Pavlovic, an adviser in the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, told Beta agency.

According to her words, the document determines that “the elaborates on energy efficiency of buildings must be an integral part of the technical documentation that shall be enclosed with the request for issuance of a building permit”, which will form a base of the certificate of energy performance of a new facility, that is, an energy passport.

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– The energy passport must be presented for each building on the occasion of sale of a real estate or lease of an office or residential space “in order for the one who buys or intends to use the facility to know how much energy is required for the maintenance and stay – said Ms. Pavlovic.

As she explained, the energy passport will contain the data on how much energy the building consumes, how much energy can be saved on monthly and annual basis, as well as the information on other characteristics of the facility, location and costs of construction.

– Passports will also define “the amount of a necessary investment in energy efficiency improvement” and when the investment money may be returned – said Jasminka Pavlovic.

She also stated that each passport will also contain “the information on the energy class of a building, ranging from A plus (for buildings that consume the least energy) to G (for buildings that save the least energy), and a proposal is that the certificate be valid for 10 years”.

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She also added that buildings with higher energy class would also have a higher market value.


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