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Petrovic opened “Mini Procurement Fair” at Serbian Chamber of Commerce

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Minister of Agriculture, Trade, Forestry and Water Management Dusan Petrovic yesterday opened a “Mini Procurement Fair” at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce at which Serbian producers of consumer goods will present their products. 

Petrovic said that the arrival of Belgian supermarket operator Delhaize Group on the Serbian market is an export opportunity for Serbian exporters because they will be able to sell their goods at the European and US markets, where Delhaize also has retail chains.

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With the arrival of Delhaize, domestic commerce will be more efficient, as well as the sale of agricultural and food products, the Minister observed.

Producers offered their goods to Delhaize Group at fair in order to contemplate possibilities for export and the sale of Serbian products in their retail stores.

The fair gathered 70 Serbian producers from the food industry, divided into eight groups by their main products, namely cooking oil, flour and pasta, beverages, alcoholic drinks, meat and fish products, fruit, vegetables, milk and dairy products, household cleaning products and paper products.


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