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Second South East European international fair of car part producers opened

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Minister of Economy and Regional Development Nebojsa Ciric said yesterday in Kragujevac that business cooperation between the Serbian government and company Fiat has spurred dynamic development of the industry of cars and car components.

Opening the Second South East European international fair of car part producers “SEE Auto Kompo Net 2011” at Sumadija fairgrounds, Ciric said that the Serbian government identified automotive industry as a branch that should be developed. The results of these efforts and investments can be seen in its recovery and higher exports recorded by producers.

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He said that “SEE Auto Compo Net 2011” is the most important specialised fair of auto components manufacturers in Serbia and Southeastern Europe which gathered more than 200 domestic firms and firms from the region and 13 multinationals, of which nine are Fiat’s direct suppliers.

The central event of the fair, which will last until 12 May, will be a business meeting “Meet the buyer” in which many small and medium-sized enterprises will get the chance to meet and exchange experiences with Fiat’s suppliers and other international companies.

Serbian President Boris Tadic, who opened the fair, invited business people to use their talent and skills to create new jobs in association with foreign partners and thus increase employment in Serbia.

He underlined that state bodies, as well as local authorities must assume responsibility for employing as many people as possible.

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Tadic said that the Serbian government and all political and economic institutions have been working in the time of crisis on creating a model of economic development, which will be rounded up at the end of this year or early next year.

He expressed his hope that this model will enable accelerated development of Serbia, technological development of the mechanical and metal sector and all parts of domestic industry and added that the Serbian government will implement new measures to create space for new investments.

Representative of the EU Delegation to Serbia Jose Antonio Gomez Gomez said that Serbian economy is starting to show signs of recovery.

He noted that Serbia has great potential and recalled that the EU has supported the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Serbia with €60 million.

The EU will continue to support Serbia in the projects for attracting capital, and the €3.5 million project SECEP is currently underway which should help raise competitiveness and promote exports, Gomez Gomez stated.



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