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Planum’s big projects in Serbia, Russia and Angol

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With 950 workers in Serbia and 600 workers on building sites abroad, the Zemun-based building company Planum entered the year 2011 preoccupied with work, Planum CEO Ratomir Torodovic told Pregled magazine.

Planum will this year be engaged in three large projects in Serbia – works on B branch and bypass around Belgrade (Batajnica cloverleaf interchange), on Corridor 10, and on Corridor 11 (Lajkovac-Ub section).

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Todorovic said that the Batajnica cloverleaf interchange was the most serious project of the company in 2011, as well as in 2012, because Planum had won that job in a very strong competition and all the works, worth 4.3 billion dinars, should be finished in 730 days.

– Works on Corridor 10, B branch, and Corridor 11 are being intensified, while works on the bypass have not physically started yet, but we work much on projects and carry out other accompanying works – said Todorovic.

He said that the works on Corridor 10 should be finished in late March. When it comes to Corridor 11, Planum is carrying out works in association with the companies Nibens Group and Uzice-based Putevi.

In addition to significant works in Russian Federation (Anadir and Kemerovo), the company expects to be hired for certain projects in Angola where this Zemun-based company is present for more than two decades and has a 70% stake in the joint venture Angoplanum since 1995.

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In Angola, Planum expects to work on reconstruction and construction of roads and railway tracks, as well as on revitalization of an airport.

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