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Production of parts for machining industry – Termometal

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Serbia Business Proudly presents leader in machining industry production, Termometal Ada Serbia.

Our company began to work as an artisan`s shop under the name of `Termometal` in 1986 and grew to become a company in 1992.

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In the beginning we were present in two fields, namely in production of parts for the machines in the building industry and spare parts for buses and trucks.

We were presented with a May Prize in 1997 by the Vajdasagi Gazdasagi Kamara for our successful work.

While our company is in an agricultural area, there was a big demand for the production of the spare parts of agricultural machines. There was also a demand for complete machines on the market. We were successful with the following products:

-Rotating collector-reserver `SUNCE`

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-Drum scythes „RotKos 165”

„RotKos 135”

The groups of spare parts:

-Blades, complete blades

-Spreaders of stable fertilizer

-Spreaders of mineral fertilizer


-Planting machines

-Moving machines

-Hay collectors

-Straw press

-Downward combine

-Maize combine



Kisspeter Silvester, +381 24 853 030



Download Termometal corporate presentation including products list – references and tech.resources


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