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We are a private limited liability company primarily concerned with investment and business development, while also promoting Serbia internationally, as well as it’s investment & trade potential. We support Serbia’s economic growth and further development.

Serbia Business promotes investment and business development in the Republic of Serbia as an integral part of our corporate activities. Our corporate business development mandate encourages our participation in selected ventures as a ‘local partner’ with international corporations that are expanding their investment and business activities into Serbia and the surrounding countries.

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Our participation in ventures that are in ‘partnership’ with foreign corporations is envisaged to be flexible in terms of both the nature of the ‘partnership’ and in terms of corporate structuring, equity participation and our role. It would be beneficial for some foreign corporations to have a ‘local partner’ in Serbia, and we present ourselves as a highly desirable option, that being mostly due to our exceptional corporate management, high standards of corporate ethics and our strong corporate mission.

Our corporate management is one of our core assets, primarily due to our founder and managing director having a highly diversified and developed international and local experience base. He has a broad set of experiences, knowledge, skills and competencies forged through years of international cosmopolitan life, business experience as well as education in ‘the west’. Complementary to the latter, he also has extensive local knowledge, experience, networking and collaboration capabilities with other Serbian companies, institutions, government departments and agencies. Maintaining a high standard with respect to ethics is of prime importance to us in all of our corporate activities and we consistently maintain business excellence, integrity and honour in all our undertakings.

We have a strong corporate mission, which in essence is the realization of our vision of contributing positively to the prosperous future of Serbia, both through the promotion of investment and trade with Serbia, as well as our constructive participation in the realization of successful investment and business development ventures. Our mission is therefore of high importance with respect to our corporate activities, and is the prime motivator for strengthening our commitment and determination to the successful realization of ventures in which we are involved.

Serbia is a country in transition, and Serbia Business is well positioned to ‘bridge the gap’ between foreign corporations and Serbia, our knowledge and experience of ‘both worlds’ ensuring that foreign corporations investing and having business interests in Serbia, would have a ‘local partner’ who understands them well, while also having extensive local knowledge. Serbia Business intends to position itself as the ‘first-choice contact and partner’ for foreign corporations expanding their business and investment activities into Serbia.

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Serbia Business intends to position itself as the ‘first-choice contact and partner’ for foreign corporations expanding their business and investment activities into Serbia, our greatest assets being our exceptional corporate management and strong mission. In essence, we have a broad experience and understanding of both the international community as well as Serbia, therefore ‘speak both languages’, and in conjunction with our core corporate assets, thereby make a highly desirable ‘local partner’.

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