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Reform od energy sector could improve Serbia’s competitiveness

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The Government of Serbia announced that it has adopted the Bill on Amendments to the Law on Energy, which, as I emphasized, harmonizes the national legislation in the field of energy with the legal acquis of the European Union, and solves the issue of full implementation of the relevant EU regulations in a comprehensive and efficient manner.

It Is added that the reform of the energy sector has an immediate and significant impact on general economic development, the state and possibilities of investment activity, raising the quality and creating a market economy capable of joining the EU single market and other international market flows.

“With the proposed changes, among other things, the Republic Commission for Energy Networks is established as an independent and independent body of the Republic of Serbia for the control of electricity transmission system operators and natural gas transport system operators founded by the state, while it will control energy entities that perform the activity of production , distribution and supply of electricity, i.e. natural gas, will be carried out by the Government”, the announcement reads.

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The members of the Government adopted the Regulation on the conditions and criteria for the compliance of state aid for investment in sectors important for reaching zero greenhouse gas emissions, which is based on the Industrial Policy Strategy of the Republic of Serbia from 2021 to 2030.

The regulation stipulates that state aid is harmonized only if the conditions and criteria provided for in this regulation are cumulatively met, depending on whether this type of aid is granted on the basis of a scheme or as individual state aid.

The goal of adopting the Regulation is to improve the competitiveness of Serbia as an investment location for investors in sectors important for reaching zero emission rates of greenhouse gases in the European area.

At the session, the Law on Air Traffic was adopted and amended, and it concerns the particularities of the organization of working hours in conditions of increased intensity of air traffic for employers engaged in commercial flying.

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The amendments to the Law aim to achieve better utilization of the flight and cabin crew of domestic air carriers, which will contribute to more efficient operations, cost reduction and the provision of better service to passengers.

The government also adopted the Decision on the establishment of the National Council for the Development of Tourism in Serbia, whose task will be to establish coordination and communication of all involved parties with the aim of developing the tourism industry and positioning Serbia on the international market.

The emphasis In the work of the Council will be on taking measures to improve competitiveness through promotion and marketing, building infrastructure, harmonizing the work of local and regional institutions, as well as on the restoration of the tourist market, which has collapsed due to the epidemic of the disease covid 19, concludes the announcement of the Government of Serbia.


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