Renewable energy for twelve companies in a Serbian city

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A solar power plant with a capacity of 25 kilowatts is being installed on the roof of the Science and Technology Park in Cacak.
In a few days, it will start with the production of electricity, for the needs of the hall space in which the production facilities of the companies that work within the NTP are located.
“In this way, we join companies that promote renewable energy sources and thus give their contribution to environmental protection. Under the roof of NTP, 12 companies operate, and about 10 percent of the complete energy needed for their work will come from the solar power plant,” said Mirko Pesic, director of NTP.
He points out that with this project, all start-up companies dealing with this area are given a chance to develop their knowledge, test their assumptions and create new innovative ideas.
“The power plant will supply all internal installations, except for the installation of the solar power plant, our goal is to later install a charger for electric cars and so this energy would be used for transport. In this way we will promote “smart city” projects, strive for green energy and green economy,” Pesic said.
The science and technology park in Cacak was opened last year and covers 5,800 square meters and is located in one of the plants of the “Cer” factory, which was destroyed in the NATO bombing.
“The goal of the Science and Technology Park is to connect all elements of modern business and it is very important for us that we become part of the national network. This will be a place where innovation and economy intersect,” Pesic concluded, B92 reports.