The Government of Serbia adopted the Strategy of State Ownership and Management for the first time

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The Government of Serbia has adopted the Strategy of State Ownership and Management of Business Entities Owned by the Republic of Serbia for the period from 2021 to 2027, it is stated on the official website.
The establishment of a centralized management system for economic entities is envisaged, and it has been determined that the Ministry of Economy performs a centralized ownership function, except in cases when the obligations undertaken by international acts require it.
– Accordingly, the Ministry of Economy will develop and establish an ownership policy that will define the justification and purpose of state ownership, state ownership goals, the role of the state in corporate governance of companies in which the state is a member, and how the state will implement its ownership policy.
The goal of the strategy, which was adopted for the first time in Serbia, is to implement their reform through sustainable and efficient management of economic entities, increase the benefits of state ownership for the state and citizens, and protect the general interests of the state.
It is stated that the defined goal will be achieved through the development of a single framework of ownership and management overall economic entities owned by Serbia and will enable the centralization of responsibilities and competencies of the state in terms of ownership, as well as the establishment, development and improvement of corporate governance.
The strategy was developed with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and is a unique act that provides a strategic vision and guidance on the objectives of ownership management of economic entities, financial and public policy objectives, as well as corporate governance principles and supervision practices of economic entities in accordance with international standards and best practices, it is stated, eKapija reports.