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Results of the study on windparks integration into Serbian electrical grid

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The study “Integration of windparks in grid network of Serbia” was presented to the public in the premises of EMS, Serbian Grid Company. The study was made by german consultancy „Vattenfal Power Consult Gmbh“in cooperation with Electrical coordination center from Belgrade, financed by EBRD. The presentation was attended by great number of interested parties, EU delegation representatives, Mr.Ian Brown EBRD representative as well as Mr.Dusan Mrakic and Mr.Mileta Prodanovic from Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy as well as General Manager of EMS Dr.Milos Milankovic.

The study, is comprised of two integral parts. The first part is focused on question of maximal penetration of windparks in existing electrical grid network of Serbia and consist of technical analysis of the work, condition of the grid and the grid system as whole. Second part of the study is focused on necessary extensions and upgrades, including investment demands. It also includes the overview of existing regulations, proposals for further regulations improvement and its internal standards, including the conditions for connections.

Executive manager for market development of EMS, Mr.Milos Mladenovic stated that EMS recognized the importance of this topic and underlined excellent cooperation with EBRD. State secretary Mr.Dusan Mrakic stated that it is useful that the study was made and that renewable energy sources represents the future in Serbia.

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