Russian NIS will take over Serbian Petrohemija

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that everything had been agreed for the Russians (NIS) to take over Petrohemija.
That is great and important news for the workers of Petrohemija, said Vučić before the meeting with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.
He said that finally Petrohemija will not depend on the conjuncture, so, for example, everything will be as good as it is now for two years, and then it will be a catastrophe for three years.
It all depends on the primary gasoline, Petrohemija uses primary gasoline 90 percent, and 10 percent of the business costs is the price of gas, and the only people with whom we could make an essentially such agreement are the Russians, stated Vučić.
He says that the agreement with the Russians was made after many years and torments, and that he personally participated in resolving the issue of Petrohemija since 2014.
I am satisfied that we brought it to an end, Vučić added.
The price of gas is extremely important for us
The President of Serbia stated that the price of gas is of exceptional importance for our country and citizens.
During his address to the public, Vučić pointed out that if the price of gas from Russia is 500 dollars per 1,000 cubic meters, it will mean an annual direct loss for our country of 600 million euros.
If we have a price of 300 dollars per 1,000 cubic meters, and we need three billion cubic meters of gas annually, and if we get a price of 500 that is significantly better than the price on the stock exchange, that is a direct loss of 600 million euros for our country annually, Vucic explained.
The president points out that this will indirectly mean a loss of more than a billion euros, because with that price, Serbia will not be able to attract investors.
As he explained, the operating costs of the companies will be higher, that will affect inflation, and it will additionally pull the price of electricity.
Vučić states that for these reasons he is nervous before the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, although, as he says, he has good and friendly relations with him.
But, I have a responsibility for the country and I will fight, I will fight for the interests of our country and I will ask him to meet us. I know what I will ask of him and I am not sure that I would have accepted it in his place. From there, there is fear, but I will fight and pray, I will pray for my country and people, said Vučić, Dnevnik reports.