This year is a turning point in the energy sector in Serbia

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Minister of Energy Zorana Mihajlovic assessed that 2021 is a “turning point in the energy sector”, considering that Serbia has joined the energy transition and wants to become a leader in the region in that process, and energy is the driver of growth and development of the entire economy, the ministry said.
Mihajlovic said at the opening of the 16th International Energy Fair that the fair is important, because in the age of the corona virus pandemic, “we must do everything to protect nature, ensure energy security, connect the private and state sectors and make a big step towards energy transition.”
She reminded that this year Serbia is joining the green energy transition in which most countries have largely embarked and that Serbia should be part of that “train of the green revolution”, so that in the coming decades we have enough energy, at sustainable prices with constant environmental improvement.
She said that investments in energy will lead to a significant increase in energy efficiency, given that Serbia today consumes four times more energy than the EU average, that by 2040 the share of RES will be at least 40 percent and that the implementation of all planned projects reduce annual CO 2 emissions by about 23 million tons, from 53 million tons in 2019, N1 reports.