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SEEPEX announced the launch of the organized continuous intraday electricity market in Serbia in June

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SEEPEX, the operator of the Serbian electricity exchange, at the conference organized by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, announced the launch of the organized continuous intraday electricity market in Serbia in June of this year.

The continuous intraday market will be a new product of SEEPEX and an addition to the existing day-ahead market.

Miroslav Lutovac, an advisor to the president of the Chamber of Commerce, said that this is an important step in opening the electricity market and continuing the harmonization of domestic and EU standards in this area, especially highlighting the significance of energy in the current global uncertainties.

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According to him, energy has become a serious parameter in evaluating a company’s business activities. The uncertainty that comes with energy prices and availability has greatly influenced the prices of electricity, which has become a commodity on the exchange, bringing with it a degree of uncertainty and possible turbulence.

The plan is to connect the domestic intraday electricity market to the unique European cross- border intraday electricity market (Single Intraday Coupling – SIDC) as soon as possible.

CEO of SEEPEX Milos Mladenovic said that this is just the last piece in establishing a complete market framework in the entire mosaic of the electricity market in Serbia, adding that he believes that the green transition in Serbia will be carried out in a sustainable and efficient manner.

Rade Mrdak, an advisor to the Minister of Mining and Energy, assessed that the formation of the intraday segment of the organized electricity market is a logical and expected step in the overall development of the electricity market in Serbia.

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He said that the Ministry of Mining and Energy has started preparations to amend the Energy Act, which will transfer nine regulations and directives in the field of electricity to the domestic legislation by the end of this year, creating conditions for entering the final stage of electricity market reform, i.e., connecting the domestic electricity market with the unique European market and complete harmonization with the European Union in this area.

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