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Serbia, Banking sector crisis

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Could the crisis that we are seeing these days in the banking sector in the world spill over to Serbia?

“The banking sector of the Republic of Serbia is stable, highly liquid and solvent, and citizens can be convinced of the stability and security of bank operations, as well as the security of all savings deposits,” announced the National Bank of Serbia.

“The indicator of the participation of gross non-performing loans in the total gross loans of the banking sector (gross NPL indicator) was 3.01 percent at the end of December 2022, which is the lowest value since this indicator has been monitored and is a confirmation of the preserved and strengthened stability and quality of assets. of the banking sector”, it was announced from the NBS, reports Blic.

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The bankruptcy of American banks caused mistrust among clients all over the world, and the National Bank of Serbia says that “the key risk at the moment is the risk of crisis spillover.”

“The key risk at the moment is the risk of spillover of the crisis and mistrust to other banks in the US and European markets (primarily those of systemic importance), which can indirectly affect the rest of the world. 

In order to restore confidence in the financial system, the Fed, the Treasury The US and other regulatory bodies have taken urgent measures to calm the market and prevent the spread of consequences through the financial system, and it is emphasized that all insured depositors will have unrestricted access to their funds,” the NBS announced.

“As before, the National Bank of Serbia remains determined to take all the necessary measures in order to preserve monetary and financial stability, and thus macroeconomic stability as a whole, even in the conditions of heightened uncertainty on the international market,” the statement added.

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