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Serbia explores hydropower and nuclear energy cooperation with EDF

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The Minister of Mining and Energy, Dubravka Đedović Handanović, engaged in discussions with Yann Guinard, the Director of Market Development for Central and Eastern Europe at the French company EDF, exploring potential collaboration in hydropower and nuclear energy.

According to the ministry’s statement, EDF has expressed interest in participating in the construction of new hydroelectric power plants and the modernization of existing ones, in partnership with Serbia’s Electric Power Company (EPS).

Đedović Handanović highlighted the recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding during President Aleksandar Vučić’s visit to France. This agreement sets the stage for long-term dialogue and collaboration in energy transition and low-carbon technologies, paving the way for new investments in hydroelectric power production.

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“We will establish joint teams to collaborate on hydropower projects, focusing on feasibility studies for individual initiatives,” stated Đedović Handanović following her meeting with EDF’s Guinard.

The Minister emphasized that the signed Memorandum also lays the groundwork for cooperation in nuclear energy. This, she noted, creates opportunities for a strategic partnership with EDF to assess Serbia’s potential in developing its civil nuclear program, including support for professional development and technical knowledge exchange.

“We are currently identifying domestic and international experts to analyze and prepare for Serbia’s entry into the civilian nuclear program. Soon, we will organize initial expert visits to our academic and scientific institutions in France,” she added.

Guinard expressed EDF’s interest in establishing long-term cooperation with Serbia in energy transition projects, leveraging their expertise and experience in the field. He underscored the Memorandum of Understanding as the foundation for collaboration with Serbia, noting the formation of a working group with EPS to exchange data for reviewing specific projects, as per the Ministry of Mining and Energy’s announcement.

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