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New intermodal terminal in Batajnica: Boosting Serbia’s logistics and transport infrastructure

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In a significant development for Serbia’s transportation sector, the country’s first intermodal terminal was inaugurated in Batajnica. With an investment of 15.5 million euros, of which 90 percent came from the EU, the “Dry Port” represents a crucial step towards bolstering Serbia’s logistics capabilities.

Goran Vesić, the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, expressed gratitude for the EU’s substantial financial support, noting that the terminal is part of a broader effort to modernize Serbia’s transportation system. The EU’s contribution, which now exceeds one billion euros with the latest grant for a high-speed railway to Niš, underscores the union’s commitment to Serbia’s development.

Spanning across 15 hectares, the terminal boasts storage capacity for 906 containers and offers comprehensive services, including loading, unloading, documentation preparation, and cargo inspection. Its strategic location ensures seamless connectivity to major road networks linking cities like Budapest, Vienna, and Sofia, positioning Serbia as a key player in regional trade.

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European Commissioner for Enlargement Oliver Varhelyi emphasized the terminal’s role in expanding Serbia’s transport capacity, projecting an eightfold increase over the next decade. He highlighted potential future expansions towards cities like Novi Sad and Niš, as well as connections to international ports like Bar.

In addition to the terminal, Varhelyi visited the ongoing construction of the Palace of Justice in Novi Sad, a project supported by the EU with over 13 million euros. The energy-efficient building, spanning approximately 10,000 square meters, signifies the EU’s commitment to fostering sustainable infrastructure in Serbia.

Overall, the inauguration of the intermodal terminal in Batajnica marks a significant milestone in Serbia’s journey towards modernizing its logistics and transport infrastructure, paving the way for enhanced connectivity and economic growth.

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