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Milšped Group establishes direct rail link with China: Enhancing logistics connectivity

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Milšped Group, a prominent player in regional transportation and logistics, forged a partnership today with the esteemed Chinese company Shijiazhuang International Land Port, marking a milestone as the first freight train from China directly arrived in Serbia. The event was commemorated with a ceremonial gathering attended by dignitaries from Hebei province, China.

This collaboration establishes a direct railway link between Hebei and Serbia, a significant enhancement in the transportation network. Departing from the conventional route through Europe, freight trains now enjoy a direct passage between these regions, promising swifter and more efficient delivery of goods.

Nebojša Krivokuća, CEO of Milšped Group, highlighted the pivotal role of intermodal transport and railways in their strategy, citing both economic efficiency and environmental sustainability as driving factors. This innovative approach reaffirms Milšped Group’s commitment to setting industry standards, facilitating faster, more reliable, and eco-friendly transportation of goods between China and Serbia.

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Given the escalating importance of rail transport, especially in China trade, amidst challenges like transit times and crises such as the Red Sea conflict, Milšped Group underscores its dedication to developing rail as a vital component of a sustainable supply chain.

Additionally, Milšped Group introduced a new intermodal connection last year within its M BOX Terminal subsidiary, linking Serbia to Wells, and vice versa. This strategic move grants clients access to the markets of Western and Central Europe.

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