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The Center for European Policy (CEP) calls for investigation into mobile telecom market competition violations

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The Center for European Policy (CEP) has announced its submission of an initiative to the Commission for Protection of Competition, urging an investigation into potential breaches of competition within the mobile telecommunications services sector.

Nebojša Lazarević, founder of the CEP, emphasized the need for scrutiny in light of recent price hikes among mobile operators in Serbia, suggesting a plausible infringement on competitive practices.

CEP’s initiative targets Article 10 of the Law on Protection of Competition, citing concerns over “restrictive agreements” or “concerted practices” that may significantly impede market competition in mobile telecommunications services.

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According to CEP, the price escalations have eroded users’ rights to terminate contracts with operators within the stipulated 30-day period following notification. This comes amidst a uniform surge in service fees across all market operators, ranging from 10 to 15.8 percent.

Lazarević pointed out the ensuing predicament for users who feel “locked in” with their existing operators due to the inability to switch amidst escalating prices, underscoring the lack of leverage for consumers.

Furthermore, Lazarević highlighted users’ grievances regarding inadequate and unclear information regarding potential changes to contract terms, leading to a sense of surprise and confusion among the broader public when new prices came into effect.

CEP asserts the necessity of a thorough investigation to uphold legal protections for citizens utilizing these services, safeguarding them against potentially unfair practices by major market players.

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