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EBRD extends 15 million euro loan to Serbian automotive lighting manufacturer Feka Automotive

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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) made a significant announcement, revealing its plan to extend a 15 million euro loan to “Feka Automotive,” a Serbian manufacturer specializing in automotive lighting. Renowned for its supply agreements with major international car manufacturers like Toyota, Volkswagen, and Stelantis, “Feka Automotive” intends to utilize the funds to enhance its operational efficiency and bolster the availability of top-quality lighting solutions for customers worldwide.

This financial boost from EBRD marks a pivotal moment for “Feka,” a subsidiary of the Turkish company “Feka Automotiv AS,” as it embarks on the construction of a modern, energy-efficient production facility adjacent to its existing site near ─ćuprija.

The allocated funds will primarily facilitate the acquisition of rooftop solar panels and the implementation of cutting-edge, energy-efficient production lines and equipment. EBRD’s involvement underscores its position as the foremost institutional investor in Serbia, with over nine billion euros invested across 353 projects, with a predominant focus on bolstering the private sector.

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In its statement, EBRD emphasized its commitment to nurturing the competitiveness of Serbia’s private sector, fostering the transition to green energy, and promoting sustainable infrastructure development within the country.

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