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Čačak: A rising economic hub with promising investments

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In Čačak, a significant foreign factory is set to commence construction at the end of May, offering job opportunities for 800 individuals, including those with higher education qualifications. This development reflects a broader trend of increasing foreign investments alongside the burgeoning strength of domestic businesses in the Morava region.

Mayor Milun Todorović envisions a robust economic landscape for Čačak in the coming years, with the addition of a new economic zone complementing existing infrastructure like Preljina, Konjević, and the Cer zone. This expansion promises not only to enhance the local business environment but also to bolster the city’s fiscal resources.

Čačak’s strategic location makes it a pivotal point in both Serbia and the Balkans, boasting extensive road connections and, potentially, air traffic once the cargo terminal at the “Morava” airport is operational. However, the city anticipates challenges ahead, particularly concerning labor shortages, as evidenced by an increasing number of workers coming from neighboring countries.

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Minister of Trade Tomislav Momirović underscored the vital role of the economic sector in national development during his attendance at the 12th-anniversary celebration of the Čačak Businessmen’s Forum. He praised the Forum’s 600-member strong community, acknowledging their significant contribution to employment and economic growth in the region.

Momirović emphasized the government’s commitment to supporting local businesses, recognizing Čačak as a key traffic junction in Serbia. With ongoing infrastructure projects like the Belgrade-South Adriatic and Pojate-Preljina highways, coupled with the potential expansion to Sarajevo and the activation of civil and cargo operations at Morava airport, Čačak’s prominence as a business hub is set to soar further.

Looking ahead, the focus remains on fostering a conducive business environment, facilitating international trade, and enhancing job opportunities to improve the overall quality of life for Čačak residents.

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