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Survey reveals financial and entrepreneurial expectations on inflation trends

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In a recent survey conducted by the Ipsos agency, it was revealed that professionals in the financial sector anticipate a 4.2 percent inflation rate over the next year. This marks a decrease from the previous survey, where bankers and insurers projected a 4.5 percent inflation rate. The National Bank of Serbia (NBS) made this announcement today.

Similarly, the Bloomberg agency’s February survey also indicated an expectation of 4.2 percent inflation.

On the entrepreneurial front, there is a projection of 6.0 percent inflation for the upcoming year, which represents a decline from the previous month’s expectation of 6.7 percent. Furthermore, both the financial sector and entrepreneurs foresee lower inflation rates for the medium term compared to short-term expectations.

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Medium-term projections by the financial sector suggest that inflation will remain within the NBS target range, with estimates of 3.5 percent for two years and 3.0 percent for three years ahead.

Encouragingly, entrepreneurs’ inflation expectations for the next three years align with the targets for the first time since October 2022, with a projected inflation rate of 4.0 percent.

Meanwhile, entrepreneurs maintain their inflation expectation of 5.0 percent for two years ahead, consistent with January’s figures.

Overall, the survey results, as analyzed by the NBS, suggest a potential easing of inflationary pressures in the near future, with a gradual return of inflation to the target range.

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