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Serbia initiates drafting strategy for mineral resource management

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Serbia has embarked on the development of a comprehensive strategy for the management of the country’s mineral and geological resources, spanning the period 2025-2040. Minister of Energy, Dubravka Djedovic Handanovic, presided over the inaugural meeting on this matter in Belgrade, engaging representatives from the Geology faculty. The initiative was reported by the “Beta” press agency.

Minister Handanovic emphasized the importance of crafting a document that thoroughly assesses the current state of all mineral resources while charting a path forward to optimize their management. The strategy aims to strike a balance between maximizing economic growth and minimizing environmental impact.

The minister outlined an ambitious timeline for completing the strategy, targeting its finalization within the next nine months. She underscored the significance of this endeavor, noting that while Serbia’s historical development relied heavily on mining, the country currently lacks a coherent strategy in this domain.

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To ensure a robust and informed strategy, the drafting process will involve the collaboration of 50 professors and experts from the Faculty of Geology. Their work will entail examining global best practices and adopting the highest standards of technological solutions and sustainable mining concepts.

Minister Handanovic emphasized the pivotal role of the profession in shaping the strategy, asserting that their expertise will guide the decision-making process effectively.

This initiative underscores Serbia’s commitment to harnessing its mineral resources sustainably and strategically, laying the groundwork for long-term economic prosperity while safeguarding the environment.

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