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Five years after privatization: RTB Bor’s green mining transformation under Chinese ownership

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Five years have elapsed since the privatization of RTB Bor, marking a significant transformation under Chinese ownership. Operating in 15 countries, Chinese company Zijin has achieved record production levels, with nearly a quarter of this output sourced from Serbian mines. Zijin’s commitment extends to environmental sustainability, promising a shift towards green mining practices.

Zijin’s mine in southern China stands as a testament to their dedication, being the first to be labeled a “green mine.” Despite geopolitical challenges, including tensions and crises, the company experienced substantial growth last year, producing over one million tons of copper and 68 tons of gold. Zou Laichang, President of Zijin Mining Group, noted a record-breaking year in terms of profit, emphasizing ongoing efforts to develop a five-year business plan incorporating ecological standards, with a focus on sustainability.

Sustainable mining practices and the adoption of green technologies are at the forefront of Zijin’s agenda. In the underground operations, full automation ensures efficiency and safety. Surface mining operations see a significant portion of machinery powered by electricity, contributing to reduced environmental impact. The greening of mines is already underway, following a structured approach involving slope arrangement, net installation, and hydroseeding, as outlined by Lai Guihua, Director of the “Zijinshan” mine.

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Situated in the Zijin mountain region, the mines not only contribute to production but also serve as a tourist attraction, generating revenue for the surrounding area. Through a gradual process, worn-out mines are rejuvenated, transitioning from marked blue areas to lush green landscapes. Zijin’s commitment extends to the Bor mines, promising a future where they too will embody the principles of green mining.

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