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Serbia’s delegation engages with IMF and international investors: A step towards investment-grade rating

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During their visit to the United States, the delegation from the Republic of Serbia held a series of highly successful meetings with top officials and leaders of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Additionally, they engaged in discussions with numerous prominent international investors.

A focal point of the discussions between the Serbian delegation and IMF officials was the recent positive development regarding Serbia’s potential upgrade to an investment-grade credit rating by the S&P rating agency. This achievement was commended by major international investors, who expressed unanimous anticipation for Serbia to attain a rating level consistent with the valuation it has received from market participants in recent years, as reported by the National Bank of Serbia.

According to Governor Jorgovanka Tabaković, all interactions with international investors commenced with a discussion on Serbia’s credit rating. She highlighted the investors’ collective expectation that the enhancement of Serbia’s credit rating outlook represents just the initial step towards achieving investment-grade status. This sentiment underscores the perception that Serbia is effectively and responsibly advancing its economic agenda for the benefit of its citizens and economy.

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The meetings covered a broad spectrum of topics, including monetary trends, inflation dynamics, exchange rate stability, the resilience of the financial system, and future interest rate expectations. The National Bank of Serbia emphasized its commitment to analyzing both domestic and international macroeconomic indicators to inform its decision-making process. Furthermore, it reiterated its dedication to maintaining a prudent monetary policy that ensures stability within the domestic financial system and fosters a predictable business environment.

Particular attention was directed towards the process of dinarization, which received recognition from rating agencies. Progress was noted across various dinarization indicators, such as the increasing share of dinars in total deposits and the significant growth of dinar savings. The National Bank of Serbia reaffirmed its commitment to further advancing dinarization as a strategic objective, aiming to enhance the effective transmission of domestic monetary policy.

Respected international investors conveyed messages of support for Serbia’s economic policies. They expressed confidence in Serbia’s trajectory towards investment-grade status and recognized the country’s consistency in implementing robust economic strategies.

The discussions also encompassed a wide range of topics related to public finances, including sustainability, debt management, foreign direct investment, energy transition, and technological innovation. Representatives from the global investment community commended Serbia’s progress and expressed optimism about its future prospects.

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In conclusion, Governor Jorgovanka Tabaković emphasized the heightened interest of investors in Serbia, underscoring the country’s emerging status as a preferred destination for global investment. She reaffirmed Serbia’s commitment to advancing its economy and expressed gratitude for the recognition received from the international investment community.

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