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Serbia’s growing appeal: The rise of Chinese tourists

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Serbia has become one of the first countries to which Chinese tourists are returning after the pandemic. The goal, according to Uroš Kandić, the State Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Youth, is for Serbia to lead in terms of the number of foreign visitors this and next year. This ambition seems realistic and achievable due to direct flight connections with China, visa-free travel for Chinese citizens, and attractions that appeal to them.

Chinese tourists have shown interest in Serbia’s cultural and historical heritage and have started exploring places beyond major cities. They enjoy shopping, are interested in gastronomy, and appreciate traditional Serbian customs and weddings. Kandić suggests that local restaurateurs consider opening Chinese restaurants, as there is a perceived shortage of traditional Chinese dining options.

Chinese tourists are considered grateful guests, as evidenced by their out-of-accommodation spending, which surpasses that of other foreign tourists. Licensed tourist guides note that older Chinese tourists are more interested in Yugoslavia’s history and stories about Tito, while younger ones prefer activities like skiing, kayaking, and experiencing Serbian customs and weddings.

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The surge in Chinese tourists is attributed to their increasing ability to afford long-distance travel and growing awareness of the importance of travel. By 2010, only a few licensed travel agencies organized group tours to limited destinations. However, Chinese tourists have since become more adventurous, often opting for independent travel or joining group tours. Although group travel remains popular due to its affordability and ease, there is a rising trend in individual trips from China.

Serbia’s attractiveness to Chinese tourists is evident in its tourism revenue growth rate, reaching 79% compared to 2019. In 2023, the country recorded a record-breaking €2.55 billion in tourism revenue, a significant increase from previous years. Chinese tourist arrivals increased by 230% compared to 2022, making China the fastest-growing source market for visitors to Serbia. In the first 11 months of the previous year, Serbia welcomed 85,000 Chinese tourists who generated 260,000 overnight stays, surpassing the record set in 2019.

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