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RWA Serbia unveils modern seed processing center in Rumenka

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Austria’s Raiffeisen Ware Austria (RWA), among the world’s oldest cooperatives, known in Serbia as RWA Serbia, has inaugurated a state-of-the-art seed processing center in Rumenka near Novi Sad, with a value exceeding 6 million euros.

According to the announcement, Dušan Mezulić, Director of RWA Serbia, emphasizes that this facility is just a segment of the larger RWA logistics center, slated for full completion by 2026:

  • The processing center features 16 silo cells, capable of storing around 6,300 tons, along with a ground-level warehouse accommodating approximately 6,000 tons of natural produce. Its processing line incorporates initial rough cleaning upon intake, a selection process, sorting, grading, a gravity table, color sorting, a dusting machine operating at 15 tons per hour, and automated packing. Notably, palletization employs specialized adhesive and a robotic arm, reducing the reliance on plastic.

Adding to this, Dragan Jockov, Director of RWA Serbia, underscores that this investment will enable Serbian farmers to access top-quality, EU-standard certified seeds:

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  • Collaborating with local industry and agriculture stakeholders, we aim to bolster Serbia’s agricultural sector, focusing primarily on wheat, barley, and soybean seeds.

Austrian Ambassador Christian Ebner underscores the significance of initiatives like RWA Serbia in fortifying the ties between Serbia and Austria.

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