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French company nPerf reveals SBB dominates Serbia’s fixed internet market

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A recent study conducted by the French company nPerf highlights the market dominance of SBB in terms of fixed internet connection performance in Serbia.

The analysis is based on user-generated data from nPerf Speed Test, considering all available fixed technologies in the country, including ADSL, cable, and fiber optic connections.

The study, based on thousands of tests conducted by end-users, provides one of the most comprehensive insights into the real experiences of the Serbian public across various internet networks.

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The nPerf score, measured in nPoints, reflects the overall quality of the user’s connection, taking into account various indicators.

According to the analysis conducted from January 1 to December 31, 2023, SBB was identified as the provider with the fastest fixed download speed in Serbia, boasting an impressive 104 Mb/s. This speed signifies the amount of data received from the nPerf server in one second, with speeds exceeding 25 Mbps classified as excellent, enabling activities like 4K video streaming.

SBB also excelled in latency, achieving the best delay at 29 ms. Latency measures the responsiveness of the internet connection, and lower latency implies more immediate interaction with content. In this category, SBB’s latency falls into the “excellent” range.

Orion emerged as the provider offering the highest upload speed in Serbia, reaching 60 Mb/s. Upload speed indicates how fast users can send information from their devices to the nPerf server, with speeds surpassing 10 Mbps considered excellent, facilitating the easy uploading of HD videos to the Internet.

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