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Serbia, Chinese Haitian arrives in Ruma

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The Haitian Machinery company in Ruma will build a factory complex for the production of industrial injection machines and machines for cutting and casting. The complex is planned in the Rumska petlja working zone, on a plot of about 250,000 m2, and the plan is to produce a total of 250 machines per year, as can be seen from the conceptual design of the project made by the Belgrade-based Mašinoprojekt Kopring.

The owner of the company, which was registered in Ruma in April last year, is the Chinese Haitian Plastics Machinery Group, which signed a land sale agreement with the Municipality last spring.

This Chinese group, the world’s largest manufacturer of pressure injection machines, announced then that it would invest 100 million USD in the factory and that it would bring four industries to Ruma – the production of injection molding machines, CNC machines, pressure casting machines and automation.

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Their goal is to achieve a production capacity of 2,500 injection molding machines, reported the website of the Municipality of Ruma.

The company has now submitted a request for a decision on the need for an environmental impact assessment of the project, which is on public inspection in the Municipality of Ruma from yesterday until February 6.

The production program of the Haitian industrial complex in Ruma, according to the project, will represent industrial injection machines and cutting machines (VMC machines), and the planned annual production capacity is 160 plastic injection machines, 60 CNC cutting machines and 30 machines for the production of cast elements.

Metal profiles and metal castings will be used as raw material.

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Workers will work in two shifts of 8 hours each, in buildings with a total gross area of 68,000 m2.

The plan is to build a production hall, an administrative building, but also a recreation center for employees with a restaurant, sports fields, and a fountain.

The complex will also have a plant for the treatment of technological waste water, as well as storage facilities for waste, chemicals and oil.

About 297 parking spaces and the construction of internal roads are also planned.

This investment was rated as the largest in Ruma in the last three decades. As the president of the Municipality of Ruma, Aleksandra Ćirić, said during the signing of the contract, the Chinese company will employ around 300 workers, with a projected average salary of 650 to more than 1,000 EUR, and the opening of the factory will also be an opportunity for domestic suppliers, since complex machines will be produced in Ruma. with plenty of parts.

Director General of Haitian Sun Jiming stated that the goal of the investment is to establish a new production base with good connections to the Port of Rijeka and the highway to Europe, from where they can cover the markets of Europe, Russia, Turkey, the Middle East, India and even the United States of America with their machinery.

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