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Serbia, From January 21 to February 9, there will be a public hearing on amendments to the Law on the Use of RES

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The Ministry of Mining and Energy states that the Law is being changed to ensure the stability of the power system in the circumstances of “mass integration of variable renewable energy sources”, as reported by Balkan Green Energy News.

According to the Ministry, the total power of existing solar parks and wind farms is 8,000 MW, and requests for connection have been submitted for as much as 17,000 MW.

While according to the current law EPS is responsible for balancing the system for all power plants, the draft foresees that Elektroprivreda will assume responsibility only for power plants that receive incentives – market premiums and feed-in tariffs.

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Also, the obligations of the Electric Grid of Serbia (EMS) and Elektrodistribucija Srbije (EDS) in taking over the electricity produced by the new power plants will be limited, so that the so-called right of priority taking over of electricity, according to the draft, will only have plants up to 400 kW in the future, and from January 1, 2026 up to 200 kW.

And this novelty, according to the Ministry’s explanation, is being introduced in favor of the stability of the electric power system.

For the same reasons, the power of prosumer power plants will be limited to 10 MW, and investors in new power plants may be required to provide devices that guarantee stability, i.e. “new capacity” that can provide “frequency regulation system services” in the form of conventional sources or electricity storage.

The draft also introduces novelties in the relationship between electricity producers from renewable energy sources who receive market premiums and EPS, and the Ministry and the Energy Agency (AERS).

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