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The state does not owe farmers, but will pay them an additional 15 billion dinars

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Jelena Tanasković, the Minister of Agriculture, points out that there is no agricultural producer who received a subsidy solution last year without receiving money. He confirms that there are those who applied for subsidies and did not receive the funds, but that the state is legally and formally under no obligation to pay them. He says that an additional 15 billion dinars have been secured and that 15 percent of such requests will be paid in February. She invited farmers to register on e-agrar.

Regarding the issue of subsidy payments, Jelena Tanasković clarifies that legally and formally the state has no obligation for the year 2022, because as she emphasized, there is no agricultural producer who received a solution without receiving money.

Regarding the issue of subsidy payments, Jelena Tanasković clarifies that legally and formally the state has no obligation for the year 2022.

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Conversation between Ivana Tatomir Čkonjević and Jelena Tanasković

“There was a lot of manipulation in the previous days that I promised that everyone would be paid. I said that all the funds would be spent in 2022, 99.84 percent of the budget was used, that is, 99.8 percent of the subsidies were paid. This means that all subsidies were paid with funds that were in 2022,” Tanasković specified.

He confirms that there are farmers who applied for subsidies that were announced and implemented last year, but did not receive funds.

That, he says, is about 15 billion dinars, of which the debt for direct payments is about six billion dinars. That is 15 percent of the claims that have not been paid and those manufacturers have not even received solutions. According to him, the funds have been secured and those 15 billion dinars will be paid to them.

“Now until February 3rd, by the end of next week, the sunflower that is being processed will be fully paid, on February 6th we will release milk for the fourth quarter and then we will pay this 15 billion in terms of processing the request,” specified the minister.

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She repeated that it was not the state’s debt, that those requests were entered into the system and solutions will be processed.

What are the benefits of e-agrarian?

In the first ten days, about 22,000 farmers took their ID number, which is the first step in e-agriculture.

“I was in Valjevo last week, where I also took out my ID number at the post office. I am very happy that everything is going at this pace,” said the minister.

Agricultural producers can go to any post office branch, agricultural expert service, where they will get answers to every question related to e-agrar. Along with the identity card, in a few minutes they will receive electronic data that will serve them later when they register as an agricultural producer.

“The idea is that the agricultural producer transparently knows what he has applied for from the subsidies this year and that he will receive those funds in the same year. That is the idea of e-agrarian, and everything else we do is to speed up everything and help them “, points out Tanasković.

It indicates that farmers currently provide 89 different data on different requests and that this will not happen with e-agrar.

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