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Serbia, Citizens expect twice as much inflation as the financial sector

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The short-term inflation expectations of representatives of the financial sector remained at the level of eight percent for the fifth month in a row, according to the Report on the results of the survey on inflation expectations of the National Bank of Serbia from February.

Expectations of the financial sector in March fell to 7.2 percent according to Bloomberg research.

Short-term (a year in advance) expectations of businessmen are that inflation will amount to 10 percent.

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As of April 2022, the population’s short-term inflation expectations were at the level of 20 percent, only to drop to 15 percent in the February survey.

For a period of two and three years ahead, the population expects inflation of 10 percent.

The financial sector expects inflation of five percent in two years, and 3.6 percent in three years.

Businessmen are significantly more pessimistic about inflation in three years, as they expect inflation of seven percent, while they expect five percent in two years.

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