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Serbia, Construction of wind farm Jasikovo

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The municipality of Majdanpek put the detailed regulation plan for the area of the Jasikovo wind farm on the territory of the municipality of Majdanpek for early public inspection.

As stated in the plan prepared by Arhiplan from Arandjelovac, the investor Jasikovo doo Belgrade plans to build a wind power plant in the territories of Majdanpek and Žagubica, with a total of 16 wind generators.

– In the last quarter of 2022, the investor started measuring the wind potential at the location of Šoš in the territory of the municipality of Majdanpek, based on which it was determined that there is an energy potential of the wind, which can be technically used, and a decision was made to build the Jasikovo wind power plant – it is stated in the document.

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The area of the planned wind power plant is about 11 km from Žagubica, or about 18 km from Majdanpek.

In the territory of Žagubica, it will cover about 602 ha (KO Laznica – Selište), and in Majdanpek about 837 ha (KO Jasikovo).

The main characteristic of the Jasikovo wind power plant is that it is located on hilly terrain.

Up to 16 wind generator poles are planned to be installed within the area of the wind power plant, roughly 13 in the territory of Majdanpek and 3 in the territory of Žagubica. The final solution will be determined during the drafting phase of the planning document, according to the plan.

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The connection of wind farm Jasikovo to the electricity transmission system owned by the Electric Grid of Serbia, to the transmission network of voltage level X kV via the planned transformer station TS 33/H kV Jasikovo and the connection (which is the subject of a separate planning document) to the transmission line of the X kV power transmission system of the Republic Serbia.

Early public preview runs until February 28.

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