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Serbia, Costs of Arena sports chanells higher than income in 2022.

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Costs of Arena sports chanells d.o.o. in 2022, they were even 80 percent higher than income, and the total negative balance of the work of that company – sports channels owned by Telekom – amounts to 106.7 million euros.

In 2022, the Arena achieved a higher income than the year before, but the expenses were drastically higher, according to the analysis of the company Dun&Bradstreet, which was reported by Media Daily.

Thus, the negative profit for last year amounted to exactly 106,765,427 euros, i.e. 80 percent more than the income. The accumulated loss for two years amounts to 147.3 million euros.

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The arena Is owned by the state company Telekom Srbija, which will have to cover the costs.

As N1 reminds, in 2021, Telekom bought the rights to televise the English Premier League on the Arena Sport channel for 100 million euros per season, over the next six years, which is almost ten times more than Sport Klub previously paid for those rights. The total price of this package was 600 million euros.

This contract is one of the reasons why Telekom came under the scrutiny of the European Commission, which for the second year in a row mentions it in its reports on Serbia’s progress towards the EU, in a negative context.


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