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Serbia, European integration and harmonization of regulations with the EU are key priorities

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Intensification of negotiations with the European Union on membership status, harmonization of domestic regulations with European standards, return of inflation within the target corridor are key on the list of priorities, announced the Council of Foreign Investors.

The Council of Foreign Investors has changed the priorities in the list of recommendations compared to last year’s due to new circumstances, according to the Council’s announcement.

Among the priorities are the completion of the restructuring of infrastructure companies, especially in the field of energy and the optimization of the fiscal burden and public expenditures to prevent the growth of the country’s public debt, as well as the acceleration of work on the recommendations of the White Book.

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The Council of Foreign Investors (Council) held a regular annual session of the Assembly, where the annual and financial report for 2022 was adopted, as well as changes to the statutes related to the method of election and the length of the mandate of the members of the Board of Directors of the Council of Foreign Investors, Nova Ekonomija reports.

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