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Serbia “expected to ensure world-class business environment”

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The World Bank expects Serbia to ensure a world-class business environment, says WB Country Director for Southeast Europe Ellen Goldstein.

To unleash the power of the private sector, Serbia needs to have “a world-class business environment – not just good in the Balkans, it really has to be top-notch,” she said.

That will be one of the priorities for the Serbian economy in the coming period, Goldstein told Tanjug.

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Presenting the WB’s latest Western Balkans report in Brussels, Goldstein also named four other tasks Serbia must complete for its economy to progress.

The tasks include completing the transition to a market economy.

“There is too much that is still in the public sector that really does not belong there, so tackling state-owned enterprises, reducing the footprint of a very large and inefficient state is critically important,” she said.

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