Serbia has provided additional quantities of imported energy

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Due to the increased consumption of electricity, and due to insufficient production in thermal capacities caused by insufficient quantity and calorific value of coal supplied, the state will provide additional imports of electricity, it was said at the session of the Working Group for Monitoring Security of Energy Supply and Energy.
The latest data on the state of the electric power system in Serbia, the required amount of energy and energy for households and the economy, as well as plans for the next period were presented at the session, it is stated in the announcement.
The “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” said that the consumption of electricity increased compared to January last year, primarily due to low temperatures.
As it was said from EDS, the distribution system is stable, and minor interruptions occur due to the planned works, which, as it was said, are aimed at preventing breakdowns. The transmission system also works without major problems.
The situation in the gas sector in Serbia was also discussed at the session, and it was stated that the consumption of natural gas is at a record level, which is why additional quantities are imported from both directions, but that the supply is not endangered. The supply of thermal energy to the users of district heating in Serbia is stable, Danas reports.