Serbian government bonds are becoming part of the Euroclear platform

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At the beginning of next year, Serbian government bonds will become part of the Euroclear platform. This will make it easier for foreign investors to access the government securities market. Euroclear’s clients are from more than 90 countries around the world, and the users of the services are broker-dealer companies, central, business and investment banks, issuers of securities.
Linking our Central Securities Depository to Euroclear should reduce the cost of financing public debt and create potential for capital market development.
“With this platform, I expect even greater competition, I expect even more investors to invest in our government securities. Greater competition means lower yields and lower interest rates for the state, and thus for our economy and our citizens. It is also important to us, for our ultimate goal to get Serbia an investment rating by this year or next year at the latest,” said Sinisa Mali, RTS reports.