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Serbia helps its bus manufactures

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Head of the Office for Media Relations Milivoje Mihajlovic said that the Government of Serbia adopted at its session the Decree on conditions and ways for boosting production, sale and implementation of the subsidised purchase of buses manufactured in Serbia in 2011.

Mihajlovic told a press conference held after the session that the government will set aside RSD 500 million for this purpose, and natural and legal persons will be able to buy these buses with a 20% discount.

He stated that the government has decided to link the years of service from 1 January 2004 to 31 December 2010 for employees in companies that do business with more than 50% of state capital, the companies that are in the process of privatisation or preparation for privatisation.

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In this way, the problem of linking years of service will be resolved for more than 100,000 workers in Serbia, Mihajlovic added.

The Serbian government adopted the Decree allowing professional members of the Army of Serbia to freely form trade unions.

Under this decree, the employer, meaning the commands, units and institutions of the Serbian Army which are related to the Ministry of Defence shall provide appropriate working conditions for trade union organisations, the Head of the Office of Media Relations said.

Serbian government’s Public Relations Coordinator Slobodan Homen announced that at its next session the government will adopt a bill on financing political organisations, whose adoption in the parliament is one of the main conditions for acquiring the EU candidate status.

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Homen underlined that the European Commission gave positive evaluation of the Draft law on financing political organisations and of the changes to the Law on election of people’s deputies.

These changes envisage abolishment of blank resignations, and the list of candidates for deputies will be closed, which satisfies the basic requirements of the European Commission and the Venice Commission, he explained.

Homen added that the Serbian government supports the campaign “Spring cleaning of Serbia” and called on state bodies, institutions and citizens to join the campaign on 4 June.


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