Serbia imports 15 to 20% of its electricity to maintain energy stability

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Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic said that the supply of electricity, heat and gas in Serbia is stable and that thanks to the financial stability of the state, a sufficient amount of energy and energy sources has been provided, and that there will be no interruptions in households and businesses.
– Since December 11, we have been importing electricity, but the essence is that neither the citizens nor the economy will be in trouble and that there will be no power outages. In Serbia, the daily supply of electricity is ensured thanks to the financial stability provided by the Government. We import electricity, because EPS cannot produce enough electricity yet. The days are colder, we are expected to spend more. Yesterday, 16.4% of the total electricity consumption was imported. Since the collapse on December 11, imports have varied between 15 and 20%, in the past it was more than 20%, but it is good that we produced more electricity in our thermal capacities yesterday than then – said Mihajlović during a tour of the reconstruction works on the kindergarten in Vrbas, according to a statement from the Ministry.
She added that the situation with coal is analyzed on a daily basis, that representatives of the Ministry, the Government and experts from the faculties participate in it, and that the analysis will show what needs to be done in the coming period. Speaking about the price on the European markets, he says that he expects that the prices of electricity and gas will continue to rise.
– The price of electricity is over 200 euros per megawatt-hour and is not expected to be lower. The price of gas is rising again, mostly due to economic and political relations between Russia and the EU. As a small country, thanks to financial stability, we have provided sufficient quantities of this energy source, and consumption in our country is growing. Yesterday, 14 million cubic meters of gas were consumed– she added, eKapija reports.

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